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Remembrance BalloonsUpdated 2 years ago

Information about our Remembrance Balloons

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Can your balloons be filled with helium?

Yes, our balloons are suitable for helium or air inflation. 

If you want the balloons to 'float' they will need to be inflated with helium (as helium gas weighs less than air which enables them to rise). Most party shops will offer a helium inflation service or you can buy a disposable helium canister on Amazon and inflate them yourself (these canisters are very simple to use, cost from around £30 and inflate around 30-50 balloons). 

As latex balloons are more porous than foil balloons (which are actually made from plastic and aren't biodegradable) they need to be inflated on the same day that you plan to use them. If you need to fill them prior to the day you're using them, there is a product called Hi-Float which is a liquid that you squirt into the balloon to coat the inside which enables it to stay afloat for several days. Many party shops will offer to use Hi-float if you're not using your balloons straight away, or you can buy a bottles of Hi-Float on Amazon if you are filling the balloons yourself.

What colours are available?

Our You Are Loved and Forever In Our Hearts balloons are available in White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink and Rainbow Mix. Our In Loving Memory and Celebration of Life balloons are only available in White. As our balloons are pre-packed it's not possible to order custom colour mixes.

Are your balloons biodegradable?

Our professional-quality balloons are made from natural rubber latex which comes from the sap of the rubber tree and is 100% biodegradable (unlike metallic foil balloons which are made from plastic and are not biodegradable). Please always dispose of balloons responsibly - we say treat them in the same way that you would biodegradable food packaging. 

We don't condone funeral balloon releases - if you wish to release something into the air, we can highly recommend using our Remembrance Bubble Mix Favours instead. These are popular with adults and children alike, and it creates a beautiful moment at the end of a funeral for guests to gather and watch the bubble-blown 'kisses' drift slowly up into the sky and float away.

How can I use balloons at a funeral or celebration of life?

Balloons are a beautifully simple and affordable way to add a personal touch to a venue. Choose your loved one's favourite colour, or perhaps the colours of their favourite sports team. Tie them to pews or chairs to line the aisle in a church or crematorium, use them in bunches to decorate a memory table, or combine with fresh flowers to create a stunning table centrepiece at a wake or memorial dinner. If you do use them outside, please make sure they are securely tied down with a balloon weight to ensure they don't accidentally fly away.

You could attach a message tag to each balloon and encourage guests to write down a special memory of your loved one to take home with them. Our Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper Tags are perfect for this as they can be taken home and planted, then wildflowers will grow as a living reminder of your loved one.

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